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America's BEST Full Complex, Eco-Friendly, Non-GMO,
Organic, Hemp-Derived CBD!


Our CBD Products

Not all CBD is created equal!

​​We take pride in creating high quality, full-complex CBD products you can trust!

High quality, affordable, eco-friendly hemp! Full-complex, Non-GMO, Organic CBD!

Grown and packaged in the USA!



Erba Essentials' mission statement is to lead and improve the Hemp CBD industry by producing one-of-a-kind products that are all natural, affordable & eco-friendly! Erba's vision for the future is to expand our line of full complex organic CBD isolate products all individuals can appreciate for their specific cannabidiol needs.


Right now there are a lot of cheap, low quality CBD  products on the market that are being sold because of the lack of regulations placed in the industry. There are many companies that provide products with false claims & information, which can be misleading and potentially harmful to its users.